Who says learning stops when you get out of school? The fact is, we are never out of school! The thing I’ve realized about learning is that it's much more fun and productive when it’s a subject you are interested in. And it’s much more enjoyable when it’s my choice to study!

I can’t seem to get enough time lately to study all I want. I’m always on a learning spree of one sort or another. Last week was no exception. I pushed to get to Orlando for a one day seminar. Actually, it was called the "Momentum Mastermind" and it’s led by my coach, Carrie Wilkerson and fellow coach/writer/speaker Paul Evans.

We were challenged, motivated and instructed on how to make our online presence more productive. Also how to figure out what our fans want and how to fill that need.

Recently I was challenged by a scripture that talked about stewarding your talents. While reading I knew that I was being commissioned to learn how to steward my gifts. Now that I’m learning, I’m being challenged to learn how to pass these strategies on to my fellow creatives.

How many of you have noticed another creative in your field who was knocking it out of the ballpark? Their work was being featured, talked about and getting rave reviews. All the while you sit back and think that your talent is better but confused about how they are getting all the attention, while you are not.

I figured it out . . . either they are working much harder, or they know a thing or two about marketing and they are implementing those strategies.

How do you turns things around and catch up? Here's how: You determine to work harder than ever and learn everything you can about marketing, even if it’s not your area of expertise!

I’m not a marketing guru and I don’t like to sell, but I do like to meet needs and help people. I’m learning that this approach can be very productive.

The next 5 people who comment on this blog below are invited to join me in a teleseminar. Next Tuesday evening I’ll be sharing the tips I learned in Orlando to just a few.

If you have or want to have an online presence, and if you long to turn your vision into provision, please join me!

Only five slots available, so comment NOW!


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  2. Hey Deby thank you and count me in!

  3. Count me in, too! I am aware that I have much to learn.

    Thanks for offering this. Hope you have fun in Orlando : D

  4. Deby,
    Yes, I too can't wait to hear what you learned and what I want to learn from your time in Orlando.
    See you next Tuesday!