Is There A Michelangelo In You - Waiting To Soar

We all glory in the magnificent paintings of Michelangelo, 
but did you know that he was NOT a painter? 

He was a sculptor! 

                 Why did a sculptor agree to take on one of the most 
                             important painting jobs in the world?
                    Obviously, he had a few characteristics that we as 
                                          creatives need in order to succeed.                                                                                                            
                                                   History tell us that he was:

1. Flexible and willing to challenge himself: 
Michelangelo was a sculptor who preferred working with marble to anything else.
2. Willing to work outside of his area of expertise:  
The only painting he had done was as a student in a brief workshop.  

3. Willing to persevere under pressure: 
While painting the ceiling he faced many setbacks; such as mold and miserable, 
damp weather that would not allow plaster curing.
4. Willing to work in awkward positions and circumstances:  
Michelangelo often had to bend backwards and paint over his head. 
This awkward position obviously made his neck and back ache and,
according to him, it permanently damaged his vision.
I see strong character traits in Michelangleo. 

I'm wondering if you posses any of these:

  ~ Flexibility

~ A willingness to try new things that are outside of your area of expertise

~ A willingness to work outside of your comfort zone

~ A willingness to accept your 'Sistine Chapel' opportunities

Let me encourage you to reach higher, dream bigger and let the Creator flow through you in ways you've never even considered. He will do exceedingly 
above all you could dream or imagine.

Please leave your comment below. Make a declaration 
of your willingness to believe for more.