Take Action!

I’m headed to Orlando this week to spend a day with my coach Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive!  I’ll be learning a lot and I know I’ll be stretched!

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and moving into THE zone!

How about you? What do you have on your schedule that will stretch you? Are you planning to attend any conferences related to your area of interest? I highly suggest that you get in the middle of what’s happening in your niche. Surround yourself with others that are moving forward and having successes. Put yourself in situations to be taught by leaders.

After working with Carrie I definitely see how my productivity has increased. She is pushing me out of my comfort zone and holding me accountable. I sense that we all need some sort of accountability, otherwise it’s too easy to procrastinate.

I’ll be sharing my notes from the conference with the next 5 people who leave a comment. So jump in and take action!


  1. Deby, God has blessed with so many amazing Gifts..I so appreciate what He is doing in you & Kirks life..Please keep us posted..Love you my dear friend..Barbara Smith

  2. I was doing some exercise (rare enough for me) & found myself gazing at a picture of Steve Jobs. I couldn't help but wonder, why am I not more like him? I decided to surround myself immediately with at least the thoughts of others, including you & your blog. It was a wise choice.

  3. Thank you Darrell! I'm blessed to know that you are encouraged by my writing. And I figure that Steve Jobs has nothing on you! You are a unique blend of all that has led you to this place in time and it sounds like you are simply being stirred to reach higher.
    Many of us find our stride later in our life and career . . . and that's OK. We really shine when we begin to invest our time in helping others. I look forward to hearing of your breakthrough moment and all that will follow.
    Just think . . . you're a Mesquite Skeeter! What could be better preparation for success than that?
    :-) Go Skeeters!

  4. I am friends with another person who went with you to Orlando and am excited to hear about what you have learned. I'm in the process of moving out with my interests and gifts to create a website, it's in its infancy, and to help others and myself express their God given creativity. Thank you for your offer of sharing your notes.