It's All About Relationships ... Community Rules!

Do you feel you need other people?

I've been looking back over my life, considering the breakthroughs I've had with my creativity. I've often quoted the old saying: "I'm a jack of all trades, but master of none." On one level that is very true, but I've come to realize that the one thing I might say I actually "master" is encouragement. It's probably my most consistent and natural gifting. That's why I started this blog. I hope to encourage you, while using my gift.

That being said, I also dabble in songwriting, singing, songwriter coaching and photography. I've also worked as a fashion print model, have appeared in a few commercials, and spent years as a dancer/choreographer. Most recently, I'm writing and painting.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I realized that each breakthrough or open door in every one of these areas came through relationships ... or a term I like to use: community!

Yes, the natural gifting had to be there, but the development of the gifting, the open doors and the real breakthroughs came through knowing someone who opened the door.

It's easy to isolate ourselves, to constantly create and then 'protect' our creation by keeping it hidden, waiting for that open door. But the real opportunities come when you share your gift, play your song, share your latest idea with a friend, show your painting, post your photos on Facebook, or just ask for an opinion about your art.

Lately, I've been asking some of my Nashville friends how their 'breakthrough' came about. Without exception, they each have told me that they came about very naturally, through sharing with friends and friends of friends, when eventually, a door opened.

So I present you with the following questions:

-  Do you share your vision often?

-  Do you share your gift?

-  If not, why not?

-  What's holding you back? 

You may be just one small step away from your breakthrough. Let me encourage you ... don't hold back! Don't try to force your way . . . but naturally share your heart, your gift and your vision. Ask if you can serve with your gift, if you can help, or fill a need. Eventually, you may share your way to success.

There is a theory known as The Six Degrees of Separation. The theory is that anyone can form a chain of personal contacts leading to any other person in the world, with no more than six people in the chain.

Another old saying is, "It's all in who you know." This really is true ...
and especially as creatives living in Nashville.

Reach out to your friends and make this a big part of your strategy. The more you connect - the more chances you have to succeed!

"Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open!"
Elmer Letterman


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