Will You Dance

God spoke and the worlds were created! There is no limit to our creativity when we are connected to the Creator! Spirituality and creativity are mysteriously linked.

"Marvel at the beauty of our profoundly mysterious universe and you will be inspired to create."
               from The Evidential Power of Beauty

I'm amazed at how listening to beautiful music releases the writer in me. I have written my best lyrics while listening. That which inspires has the power to release creativity. But sadly . . . many of us live such busy lives that we are deprived of inspiration.

How long has it been since you sat under a canopy of stars, watched a sunrise or waded in a creek bed? If your creativity is blocked -  take some time to get outside in nature, marvel at a butterfly, catch a firefly, or just lay down next to a stream.

The Creator pursues you for a sacred dance. Will you take His hand . . . will you dance?


  1. Beautifully refreshing post, Deby~~

  2. It's a "mystery" long stolen from the "church" Everything about God and His beautifulness everywhere inspires me to take His hand and dance. Kimberly Kent

  3. Hiya Debs! I like the design and the content! The creative dance, great thought.