Straight From My Heart

"When you give money to artists, you are yourself doing an artist’s work.”
                 ~Vincent Van Gogh~

I was stirred to the core of my being this week when I read an article.
It was about the Medici family; a powerful family who helped art flourished during the 15th century. Michaelangelo lived with this family. They gave financially to support his gift and even encouraged their friends to become patrons as well. The vision and actions of this one family gave the world great works of art that are still celebrated today.

  If Michaelangelo had not had the support of the Medici family, we would not have The Pieta, David, or his magnificent paintings in the Sistine Chapel.

Many famous artists became part of The Medici Court: Leonardo Di Vinci, Piero Benci, Andrea del Verrocchio. The list goes on - artists that were supported so they could give themselves fully to their art.

Living in Nashville, I personally know of amazing musicians who are creating works of excellence that are having to lay aside their gifts to go into the workplace, just to survive. It's painful to watch. The world needs their gifts, but sheer survival demands that they lay them down.

Unless an artist is wildly successful, odds are that they are some of the most overlooked people in society and receive very little encouragement. Even the Church falls short in recognizing their gifts and offering any type of support at all.

I exhort you to find an artist who has enriched your life with their gift, call them or write them and tell them how much you appreciate and recognize their gift. And if you can, bless them with a monetary gift. In this way, you'll also bless the world for generations to come.


  1. So true Deby! I enjoyed your post. Thank you for reminding us all of this. I come from an artistic family and have seen several wildly artistic family members "lay it down" to pay the bills. I thank God that he's given me this time and season (and a very supportive husband) to do what I'm gifted in and love doing.

  2. Deanna - thanks for reading and commenting.
    I rejoice with you that you are in a season of
    enjoying your art. May it continue - and may you prosper in doing what you love! You are an amazingly gifted lady.

  3. Good word, such a reminder of how our appreciation for the beauty created by artists - thank you for your work! This is a beautiful blog!

  4. Well first comment didn't appear! (And if it pops up, forgive the redundancy.)

    I think this is great Deby! I'm reminded that in addition to musical and photography talents, you are also a gifted writer.

    Way to go! Love you mucho,

  5. Love the post Deb and I especially love reading your bio! I have to make this article personal: I KNOW I'm in a dramatic period of transition, moving from the corporate setting to the world of painting and drawing. The impression laid on my heart for a year or more is that God will provide and to have faith in him. Given the works of the great artists mentioned and the comforts given them through the Medici family, support through others seems a viable way for God to provide. But I'm thankful that He is capable of many other ways as well. Again, thanks for the blog; it brightened my day and give me additional hope.

  6. Thank you all for posting! You can tell that this subject is heavy on my heart. I appreciate your encouragement. You know - the blogs that are difficult to post . . . because you're almost afraid to 'say it,' are the ones that get the most response. Amazing!

    Eddie, I'm thrilled that you have stepped out and I pray that you will be blessed in your artistic endeavors. If I can help you in any way - please let me know.