How Artists Are Coping With The Sluggish Economy

Artist’s are already referred to as ‘starving,’ so how do they fare in this sluggish economy? Many are struggling for sure, but there are those that are knocking it out of the ball park!
What is the difference?
From my research, the ones that are struggling are still doing business as usual; the ones that are prospering have found the ‘new’ way.
This reminds me of the classic book Who Moved My Cheese! So I’m making an official announcement; “Artist, your cheese has moved! Learn more about the new ways to get the work out about your art.”
I’m going to be talking about the new ways in this blog, so stay tuned, sign up for RSS feed and let’s move forward and find ways to prosper with the ‘new’ way of doing art. I call it Artrageous Living!


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