Speaking of Successful Habits

While wondering what successful habits I could add to my routine . . . I got this idea about setting monthly and weekly goals. Many articles talk about the power of goal setting and I've applied the concept to my work. Each year I write out my goals with a time line. However, I'm beginning to see the power of writing out monthly goals with a weekly time line. This is different from a 'to do' list.

 It's not a list that you check off at the end of every day,  it's bigger than that. This list would hold your big dreams for the month; those things that you know you want to do, but never seem to get done. For example, I've wanted to start a podcast for several years now. Don't ask me why I've not started yet because I can't really tell you.

My goal this month is to get my podcast up and running.  You will be able to see and judge how far I've come by the end of Sept. I'm just putting it out there. My goal for the podcast is to encourage artist. I want to interview artist who are making a difference and making a living, so we can learn some of their successful habits. I now have 27 days to accomplish this goal. :-)

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . .


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