Changed at the Boss Event!

Just returned from "The Boss Event" with Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive! It was an amazing event and I'm thrilled that I was able to attend. The speakers were "movers and shakers" who run their businesses with high standards! Each of them spoke of their families as their treasures, their relationship with God, and the fact that their businesses were how they give back to the world.

The speakers were Zig Ziglar, David Frey, Paul Evans, David Ring, Paul Martinelli, Joel Comm and Carrie Wilkerson. They opened my eyes to a 'new' kind of business, where character, ethics and authenticity RULE!!

So it leads me to this question: Are you AUTHENTIC? Are you honest with your audience? Are you willing to use your weaknesses as your assets? Are you willing to get over yourself?

Each of these speakers talked of their weaknesses, their problems, their tragedies, and each of them had overcome what others said were impossible.

What are your biggest challenges? Do you have an impossibility in your life at this moment? Are you willing to stay the course and believe that God will turn them into your launching pad?

Honestly, I'm facing some enormous challenges at this very moment, but I believe that they will become the launching pad to my future. I have NO idea how . . . I just choose to believe.

Wanna join me? Wanna share your challenge and make a statement of faith regarding your future? Wanna walk away from your past and into the present?

Let me know and I promise to CHEER YOU ON!!!

P.S. Zig Ziglar was better than ever, even though he had a tragic accident and suffers from brain damage, pure sweetness flows from every word he speaks. What a role example!