Art of Non - Conformity

I attended an interesting book tour event last week - here in Nashville on the 48days property. Dan & Joanne Miller, of 48days, are always full of surprises and this event was no exception. It was outside in the night air, complete with a bonfire to take away the chill. The chairs were stationed at the foot of the eagle, Aristotle, who is carved into the remnant of a former flourishing tree.

I loved hearing Chris Gillebieu speak about his book, The Art of Non-Conformity. Honestly, he only spoke for about 20 minutes and he didn't say anything I haven't heard before. But for me, the foundation of his life, the way he thinks, the things he stands for, took the forefront and they reached down to the core of who I am and challenged me.

He talked about living a life of non-conformity, of following your heart instead of following the crowd.

I would say that I did that for many years and still do, but . . . and it's the 'but' that hurts! Circumstances have pulled me away, in some ways, from my ability to stay on the edge of non-conformity. Chris . . . not his words, but his spirit . . . tugged at that edge. I left feeling more focused and sure of who I am, what I am about and what I want to accomplish.

I know that the majority of my life is now behind me. I know that I love life, appreciate beauty and marvel at the creativity humans possess. I know that I want my life to count, no matter what circumstances I face. And I realize that to accomplish this, it takes tremendous courage, relentless persistence, unwavering faith and LOTS of hard work.

I think I'm up for the task! How about you?

Are you following the crowd, when your heart calls you in another direction?
Is 'playing it safe' stealing the life you were created to live?
Are you willing to lose it all in order to live your call? Are you willing
to learn the ART of non -comformity? Could there be an Eagle hiding in the remnants of your

Just wondering . . . .


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