Who Stole Your Song

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, when the guy bagging my groceries started singing a popular Sarah McLachlan song.  He looked at me and asked me to join in with him (I do live in Nashville ... a.k.a. Music City, USA! ). With everything in me, I wanted to belt it out, but couldn’t.

You see, I am a singer with vocal problems. The last few years have been rough vocally and, a few months ago, I was even struggling to talk. I have worked with vocal coaches and breathing experts. I do a myriad of strange exercises for the voice, I’ve started swimming, and I vocalize regularly. My speaking voice is stronger,  but my singing problem is still a mystery. In August I will visit the Vanderbilt Voice Clinic and, hopefully, finally get an official diagnosis.

I have good and bad days, but it’s all very frustrating, because everything I do depends on my voice.  I believe I’m dealing with something much like Shania Twain. If you haven’t heard her story, she also lost her voice. Hopefully,  it looks as though she is getting it back.

Everything I thought I would be doing during this season of my life is on hold. My plans did not pan out. I cannot sing the song that is in my heart. So I’ve been singing a different tune lately: I’m painting! I'm also building a business to encourage creatives in their marketing pursuits. My song is now being sung in new and different ways. Most of the time, I’m fine with it. Today, I’m not. I miss singing.

What song do you long to sing? Have circumstances, difficulties or a lack of funds stolen your song? Is there an ache inside you to do something that you simply cannot do?

What do you do with that disappointment? Do you ignore it or deal with it? I’m doing all I can to get my voice back. What are you doing to get your song back?

"Most people die with the music still in them." 
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Don’t let life go by with your deep desires buried inside. You were created with a song to sing and to be fully alive you MUST sing it. Life has a way of silencing our song, but we must be intentional and fight to get it back. Some of us don’t even know the song anymore? We can’t even hear it.

Here is the rest of the quote: "Most people die with the music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out."  Oliver Wendell Holmes

Determine to set aside some time to listen to your heart. What is the song? It may be faint, but odds are, if you listen long enough . . . you will hear it again.



  2. So Beautiful! Such encouragement! This blog made me cry right here in the computer lab. Gonna pack up all my plans to get ready and bring up photoshop to do a collage. Thanks Deby! Your voice in song is still beautiful and in writing it's gorgeous!

  3. Hey Deby,

    Your story and quotes are inspirational. Love this blog! Excited to see some of your artwork too! We've missed you!

  4. Deby...praying your singing voice returns! It is so true that we need to live every moment the way God wants us to. Thanks for reminding me that I cannot miss today's blessings due to trying to plan for tomorrow. I needed that today especially!

    Kenneth Massey

  5. Hey Deby, yeah, my "song" disappeared for about 25 years, though it was more my putting it aside. I do recall a time when I tried to draw and it felt awkward and like scribble. I'm praying for you; while we can make transition into other areas, that 'song' in us has to be expressed.

  6. Deby, I know that is really hard when curve balls get thrown into your plans (and your passions) - Praying that God would teach you incredible things through this and that He would open the exact doors that He wants opened and His purpose would be fulfilled. Also, that He would fill you with overwhelming joy in the midst. Thanks for being such a great leader to the Artist Arise forum, you are such a blessing to others!!!

  7. @Anonymous
    Thanks, Jan. I appreciate your love and concern.

  8. @Billie Wells
    Billie, I'm touched by your response to this blog. I do believe that you will find your voice and multitudes will enjoy it when you do. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.
    You go girl!

  9. @Mary Moore
    Thanks, Mary, I've missed you too.
    I do plan to post some of my paintings soon. I appreciate your kind words. :-)

  10. @Anonymous
    Kenneth, I do appreciate your prayers. So glad this blog hit the mark with you today. Let's all enjoy today's blessings and remember that each day is a gift.

  11. @Eddie Hudson
    Eddie, I'm so glad your 'song' is back. We're all blessed by your art.
    Thanks for the prayers, too.

  12. Tamara, your words are kind and encouraging. Thank you! I'm am certainly on a journey of faith, but trusting that God has a plan. I grateful for my little tribe of artists and grateful that you are a part.

  13. I will be praying that you get your voice back. I know the frustration. In the meantime, continue to express your voice with your painting, and your photography, and your writing, and your encouragement of others! "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as pleasing God and not men. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." Col. 3:23

  14. Love that word, Audrey. I'm giving it all with every area of creativity and trusting God with my future. Miss you. :-)

  15. Deby, I just found your blog and was very touched by this post. It hit a personal spot for me. I was injured at work a couple years back which resulted in health problems and symptoms that I struggled with for a while. It eventually led to me losing my career. When this all happened, I had obtained the opportunity of a life time at work. One I had dreamed of since I was little. I lost it all because of this injury. My job was my identity and now I don't know who I am anymore. I am trying to learn to live again and reevaluate what my talents are and what God wants me to do. I have other interest and passions but seem to be afraid to make that push into something out. Thanks again for your awesome words and best of luck getting back to what you love!!!Bryan

    1. Brian, would you believe that I'm just now seeing this post which was posted 6 months ago! Please accept my apology and let me know how you're doing. I'd love an update.
      I just posted a blog today that explains my absence, but I love to hear more of your story. How are you?