All Things Work Together

“For we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

Really? Do all things work together for good? I choose to believe that they do, but admit that it’s difficult to cling to this when tragedy strikes, or when things don’t go my way.

In my last blog, I expressed the frustrations I’ve had with vocal problems. As a singer, I’m choosing to believe that things will work together for my good. And I must admit that this has led me on an interesting adventure!

At the beginning of summer, I decided that I was going to push myself out of my comfort zone and do some things that I normally don’t do. This was to be an attempt to live life to the fullest and to live fully in the moment. I had no idea of where this would lead me.

It started with a conversation with a friend. She knows an opera singer who prepares for performances by swimming. He said that it was the absolute, best way for a singer to get in shape.  Well, being desperate, I decided to try it. Our neighborhood has a fabulous resort-style, salt water pool. I hate to admit it, but I had never swam in the pool. Why? I hate even the thought of wearing a bathing suit in public; however, I had already made the decision to push myself out of my comfort zone. So I knew that there was no stopping me now.

I went on a desperate search through the inner sanctum of my cluttered closet and found this little, dusty, spandex thing called a "swim suit." I pulled it out, dusted it off and stretched it over winter's extra 'poundage.'

Here's an excerpt from my journal: "July 13th: Swam 6 laps this morning. I’m doing new things to be fully alive. What is not normal is what I am doing . . . pushing myself out of my comfort zone into a new way. I like it! It jolts you out of the ordinary and brings forth new ideas and new breakthroughs. So, here’s to new beginnings!”

Now that I’m fully into this swimming thing, I’m convinced that it is indeed the best thing for my voice. I still don’t like stretching the spandex over the expanse of my privates every morning, or dealing with "wet pool hair" every day, but the benefits definitely outweigh my complaints. My voice is stronger, I’ve lost weight, I have a golden tan, sun streaked hair; I breathe deeper and have more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. I'm loving it!

Now, I can’t help but wonder: what else have I missed out on because I’ve refused to get out of my comfort zone? Are the very things I desire out there for the taking if I simply step out and do what’s difficult for me? And I wonder the same for you. Are you missing out of being "fully alive" this summer because you’re hiding behind an excuse?

Please, let me encourage you to step out and do that thing that you’d like to do, but you’ve held back on doing because it would make you feel uncomfortable. Your breakthrough is there for the taking!

Will you take it? Odds are, it could be the very thing that works together for your good, coming to you to enrich your life. Choose, along with me, to believe that even the obstacle you are facing could be just the catalyst to move you beyond the norm of your life, into a life that is more "fully alive."

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  1. How inspiring to hear your story!
    Wish I lived close enough to swim with you : D
    I will attempt to get out of my comfort zone this week!
    Thanks, Deby.

  2. Deb, I do encourage you to take one giant step forward this week. And I would love for you to come swim with me. :-) I do think we hold ourselves back and that's sad. Let's make the most of every opportunity and find all that life has to offer.

  3. Wow, Deb, after your post where you described your voice problems, I prayed that you would find new directions and outlets. Well, obviously, God can do greater things with our limitations and shortcomings than we can. I admire your courage to take what seemed like a step of faith, or as others would call it, "a long shot," and brave "unchartered waters." That's why you're a leader: you take a front seat and lead us to greater heights and deeper depths! I'm inspired, I must say, from this blog and the community Artists Arise and this summer, I'm taking larger steps in the direction of fulfilling my dream to render to the glory of God. Thanks for your faithful leading and sharing of your experiences!

  4. @Eddie Hudson Eddie, I'm so proud of you, and I do see the steps you are taking. Those are big steps and they will lead you in the path of your dreams. I'm sure of it!

  5. Deby, this journey I started to find my calling and walk in it was all about getting out of my comfort zone. It has been your's and the rest of the group of Artist Arise encouragement that has help to keep me motivated. I was stuck in my comfort zone for a very long time. But I feel like I'm free from it now or at least as long as I keep the momentum going.

  6. @Anonymous Vonna, Way to go! You have such a beautiful gift and I'm excited that many will enjoy the work of your hands, because you have pushed past the resistance. Congratulations!

  7. Deby,

    Thank you for your blog posts! They always get me thinking about things. Wow, you are blessed to have a saltwater pool to swim in!!! Good thoughts. :)

  8. Mary,
    Thank you for posting a comment. I so appreciate you and your energy level for creating and tackling your vision. Hang in there, things will eventually take off!

  9. Deby...just getting around to reading this. Actually I just started a blog and since I follow yours it popped up on my account in my reading list. Awesome job with the swimming! It really is good exercise, and even though I haven't been drawing much lately I believe I have found another art form which I am very passionate about. Sculpting, but with a real human in my own, and I want to help others do the same.

    Thank you for all your encouragement and leadership! You truely are a blessing to us all.

    Please take a second to check out my blog and tell me what you think. I only have one post so far but I will be putting more up shortly.