Robbed By Rabbits

For every breakthrough, there are pesky 'critters' that want to rob you, just before the first bloom!

My beautiful garden is being attacked by bunnies. At least I thought bunnies were eating my flowers. But yesterday, I came face to face with "Jack" Rabbit;" he was bigger than the neighbor's fat cat! Jack startled me and he has already been back this morning for breakfast!

As soon as you decide to step outside of your comfort zone and launch into the deep, it's as though critters appear to gnaw on the blooms of your creativity, before your glory is even revealed. These critters may be bigger than you expect and closer than you had imagined. They may even be members of your own family, who are threatened with your new activities.

I'm reminded of a passage from the book, The War of Art. The author talks about learning to function fully, in spite of fear and opposition. That we are not to let those 'rabbits' destroy our creative flow, but we are to learn how to move forward, in spite of them. So . . . this morning I did a little on-line research and ordered some "Shake Away" for my garden. It's a deterrent for rabbits.

Do you need a little 'Shake Away' for your garden of creativity? Are you struggling with fear and insecurity, disorganization, or lack of discipline? Do you stumble with marketing and feel like a failure, before your 'glory' is even revealed?

Don't despair . . . I'm gonna shake away some of your critters!  First, you need to name the 'critter'.  What is it that is keeping you from making headway? What is your excuse?

Have you swallowed the lie, that you'll always be a struggling, starving artist? That it really is too hard? Let me encourage you, with the Internet, we now have the opportunity to have a world-wide store, open 24/7. With YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, we can advertise while curled up on the couch in our PJs. There has never been a more opportune time for creatives.  We simply need to let our creativity flow over into our marketing. We must 'do something' to get rid of those pesky rabbits.

So I'm going to encourage you today by offering a free gift. Just fill out the form to the right of this forum and get my 'FREE GIFT'. It's a special report ~ Artists Arise! 12 Steps To Turn Your Vision Into Provision. Allow me to help you 'shake away' those - as Elmer Fudd would say -"dirty rabbits" today!

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  1. Absolutely timely Deby, I always get so psyched to start doing abd selling my art and then something like the Jack Rabbit creeps in and eats up my energy and enthusiasm. Then I always think that I will do my art when I get my finances in order, when my kid is at camp, when this happens or that happens. I am ready to shake (not shoot)the Jack Rabbits away!

  2. Way to go, Billie. Keep the main thing the main thing. It's so easy to get distracted and jump from one project to the next - never accomplishing anything. I encourage you to pick the one you are most passionate about and stay with it until the breakthrough comes. You have all you need to be succesful!! I believe in YOU!

  3. Yes Deby, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I think sometimes my Jack Rabbit is lack of self confidence in myself. I've always been like that I need to work on that for sure. I also get overwhelmed with stuff in general.

    Chris Callen

  4. Deby,

    Great blog! This really is so true. I think my jack rabbits are: finances and marketing in general. I paint everyday...but haven't come up with a solid marketing plan yet...still just collecting friends on facebook and using that to create relationships and credibility. (which is good, but I need to be doing more marketing I feel)--and then there is the cost of marketing, and the time constraints (I work when the baby sleeps or when someone else babysits her!) But you have great tips and your report is wonderful!!

  5. @AnonymousChris, I was amazed when I joined a creative group and found that everyone in the group was very insecure! They were extremely talented and successful artists, but totally insecure. I've come to realize that most artists are. We simply have to learn to take action in spite of our insecurities. That's why we need each other. I'm not sure that many creatives can make it on their own. We each need our own cheering section, and I volunteer for yours!

  6. @Mary Moore
    Mary, check out Pam Utton on Facebook. She is a perfect example of someone who has built a following using FB. You are an action taker, so I have no doubt that you will find your stride soon. The important thing to focus on, is developing your list, even if it's simply family and friends at this point. Send regular emails that are filled with encouragement. Feature one of your paintings in each and write about the message behind your painting. Before long . . . you will build a following. I'm sure of that!

  7. I found this beautiful and amusing. We can all identify with it. Great Blog Deby.

  8. @Anonymous
    Thank you! Next time add your name to the posts so I know who I'm talking to. I appreciate your comment!

  9. This posting is indeed timely! Just as I considered subject and content for my blogs, a phone call came and though I scrambled to write down what felt like divine inspiration, I struggled to keep at it! And it would be so nice if this was a irregular occurrence, but pretty much each day something or someone clamors for my attention! But I continue on, pushing through! I may not feel the huge leaps of progress but "baby steps" are just fine! Thanks for the encouragement!

  10. @Eddie Hudson
    Yes, Eddie, baby steps are still steps. They are forward motion and that's good. As artists, we need to be action takers. Those who take action regularly WIN, even if the action is in baby steps!

  11. Not only do rabbits eat our creative gardens they leave behind 'little presents'. Those 'little presents' can stink, be annoying and detract from the beauty of our creative garden, but they can also turn into fertilizer and help our garden grow again.

    So, a little twist to this cotton tale...when we find that critters have invaded our creative soil and left 'little presents'...get even more creative and figure out a way to turn a negative into a positive - and make proverbial lemonade out of lemons.

    Or to be a bit crude, turn the poop into profits! (Sorry for cursing!)

  12. Just the kick in the pants I needed today. Instead of CHASING rabbits, I'm gettin' some "Shake Away!" GREAT blog, Deby!

  13. @chezslaughter
    Jeff, you have really tickled my funny bone today! It's good to laugh out loud! Have you considered a comedy routine . . . missed your calling maybe?

  14. I'm told my humor is corny. What can I say? I like corn!

  15. Yes, Deby, I am going to order some of the "shake away" immediately!! I need to shake away fear and insecurity and believe that my ideas of creating that journal is unique and worth the time and effort that will be required to see it in to its fruition. Keep us on track girlfriend!!!

  16. Thanks for sharing your insight! It is very timely for us all. I would add that often we let perfectionism hinder us as well. That need to make it just a bit better, but never yet getting to the place to say "This is really great and I need to move forward" is a huge block and keeps many of us "busy" but not advancing to the next level. Thanks for reminding us of the need to get moving!

    Kenneth Massey

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