Authentically You!

 "I don’t get really worked up about competition in the marketplace and I’m in some very crowded niches! Why? Because others can copy my content, my teaching points and even my methods, but I don’t stress out about it because they can’t BE me!" Carrie Wilkerson: The Barefoot Executive

I love this quote! Carrie is my coach this year and she has such a good perspective on being authentic.

Where are you on the journey to authenticity? Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy? Do you wonder why you do your art, when so many are doing something similar and some are even better than you? Do you wonder what will make your product, your painting, your song, your book unique?

The answer is ... YOU!

You are the sum of your life experiences. Your story is what makes you stand out among the
crowd. One of the blessings of social media and the Internet is that people can communicate quickly and easily. There's no excuse. So tell your story or the story behind your song, your painting, your dance or your latest design.

Fans are no longer satisfied with the isolated superstar. They want to reach out and
connect with you. They want to feel like they know the artists behind the painting, the song, the book.

Are you hiding in your studio? I urge you to reach out and communicate with your fans. Take the attitude of giving, helping, serving, encouraging and offering your services to shape the next generation of creatives.

If we can get our eyes off of ourselves long enough, we can change the world. Start by finding someone who needs your words of encouragement. Who knows. . . you may change a life!


  1. Hi, Deby. Great point. I wrote a similar blog this week at It's from a quote I received this week that got me thinking along the same lines. Only you think like you think. You have your own life experiences which no one else can duplicate. We're definitely getting to a point where it's okay to be yourself (which means a lot of people are going to have to start being comfortable in their own skin.)

    PS. I like the change to the solid background.

    Take care!

  2. Thank you Dawn! It is great to feel comfortable in your own skin. I pray that for everyone. It's so nice to be in the presence of someone who is at ease and just being themselves. Let's learn to BE!

  3. Deb, you know I couldn't resist commenting on this one! If there is something in between "audacious" and "meek", I believe that's the sweet spot. Take the boldness and daring of "audacious" and the power under restraint of "meek". Jesus had the perfect combination, didn't He? My goal is to learn to bee like Jesus!

  4. @Buzz Marketeer

    The Buzzdacious Meeketeer! I think that's the perfect title for YOU!

  5. Well said Deb, as usual! Yes, a key point is reaching out to fans. That being said, I definitely have to come out of hiding! Thanks for your open heart and willingness to help us through this process.

  6. Deby I appreciate you encouraging us to tell our story. When we create a piece of art, be it music, visual, , writing, or a craft, we are usually inspired by an event, experience, a “moment” that causes us to respond through our art. The result of that art is part of the beauty of joy or the pain that we experienced. When we tell our story, we relate to others who share that same experience and they (the recipients of our art), are encouraged, strengthen and uplifted as we give a part of ourselves. And in that giving, we can indeed change the living!