What Can Encourage Recovery - If Not Beauty?

"In shaping a masterpiece, the artist not only summons his work into being, but also in some way reveals his own personality by means of it.Through his works, the artist speaks to others and communicates with them." Letter to Artists - Pope John Paul

Art tells stories. Whether it's music, dance or paintings, we as artists are telling stories.  We are giving glimpses into our way of thinking, seeing and being and then putting it out there for others to partake. Therefore I believe that it's important to be healthy, moral, centered and focused, so the art we bring to the table is edible and nourishing.

To do this our lives must become a healthy source. Envision yourself as a fountain and your creativity as clear, life-giving fountain of water that flows into dry places bringing refreshing. Is that your desire?

As I watch the images of the total devastation in Japan, I remember the beautiful images created on the walls of concentration camps in Nazi Germany. In the midst of dire circumstances . . . beauty emerged from the spirit of the people.

It is difficult to imagine the suffering of the Japanese people, but I do suppose that beauty will emerge from their devastation. Beauty inspires hope and hope is the beginning of recovery.

"Through his works, the artist speaks to others and communicates with them."John Paul

Anyone can be creative, but is all creativity considered true art? To me, art is something higher. It's an expression of the divine nature within, reaching out to improve the world in some way.
"Every genuine art form in its own way is a path to the inmost reality of man and of the world."John Paul

When“beautiful” is united with “true”through art,  souls are lifted up from the world of the senses to the eternal.

With all the horror of the Japanese devastation, an eternal perspective may be the healing essence of hope that they need.

Can you create something of eternal value? Is there a clear fountain within you that wants to pour out and refresh the hurting? Ask the Creator to flow through you to bring a gift of hope to the world through your creativity.

"The world in which we live runs the risk of being altered beyond recognition because of unwise human actions which, instead of cultivating its beauty, unscrupulously exploit its resources for the advantage of a few and not infrequently disfigure the marvels of nature. What is capable of restoring enthusiasm and confidence, what can encourage the human spirit to rediscover its path, to raise its eyes to the horizon, to dream of a life worthy of its vocation – if not beauty?"Benedict XVI

"Man can live without science, he can live without bread, but without beauty he could no longer live, because there would no longer be anything to do to the world." Dostoevsky


  1. Thank you for this post. I needed this today. Very well said.

  2. @Katie

    Thanks for your comment. We're all trying to make some sense of this horrible tragedy. I figure the best we can do is pray and create something of value that calls humanity higher.

  3. 2009. That was the first time since 1984 that I simply opened my soul and felt comfortable enough to allow what was there to see the light of day. It's been a long journey since then and most certainly many days, I wonder why I'm trying to create anything. Sometimes, I hate the work I do, thinking "it" and my talent are ugly and a waste. But I trudge on, determined to share with the world my vision and expression. I guess it's all about love.

  4. Well said, Deby. In particular, Pope Benedict's quote really resonated with me.

    The One who's selfless act depicted human suffering beyond what we could ever imagine, was simultaneously the single most profound act of beauty ever demonstrated.

  5. @Eddie Hudson


    I am so glad that you opened your soul and followed your heart because your art is truly beautiful!

  6. @Buzz Marketeer

    Hey Buzz,

    What a profound statement! Amen!