Starting a Revolution - Color Our World Beautiful!

"Artists, you are the custodians of beauty in this world."  Pope Benedict XVI

If the world ever needed a big dose of 'beautiful' - it is now! Seems every time I turn on the news, read the paper, or even catch a glimpse of Oprah!,  I'm being bombarded by information I don't want to hear, images I don't want to see, or topics that are completely disturbing. Even the non-news is disturbing.

The world seems to have gone crazy! Where are the sensible, decent people who have a strong inner sense of right and wrong, who know what to speak about in public and what to keep behind closed doors?

I'm growing so weary of all the noise! I have this deep inner longing for peace, calm, rest and beauty, but I have to fight for it. So I'm calling for a revolution! Will you join me?

The theme of this revolution is "Color Our World Beautiful!"

Let's bombard our communities with beautiful music, paintings, poetry, design, books, articles, clothing, choreography and art! We really can make a difference - one piece of beautiful creativity at a time!

I'm not suggesting that you bury your head in the clouds when it comes to what's happening in the world, but I am suggesting that we balance the bad news with beautiful creativity. It's a known fact that, over time, we become what we digest and we need beautiful images, heart-stirring music and dances that bring us to tears. We need the sacred, the hallowed, innocence and reverence.

What can you create that will "Color our World Beautiful?" I encourage you to post it below or post a link to it, so that we can enjoy the beauty of your creativity.


  1. Thanks for this heartfelt post, Deby. I was especially struck by this line: "I have this deep inner longing for peace, calm, rest and beauty, but I have to fight for it."

    Those are things that I also value. I'm not exactly sure what I can do to Color our World Beautiful, ..maybe plant some flowers. :) As a parent, I am trying to raise children who will make the world a more beautiful place. Reading this made me realize, though, that I should be intentional about cultivating relationships with people who are dedicated to creating peace, calm and beauty, the same way that I actively search for people who maintain a positive outlook.


  2. Funny you should use the word 'Color' in you mantra Deby. I'm an artist working in the west of Ireland and I work exclusively in wood, - no colour as such - just the natural wood grain. I recently decided to add colour to my work in the form of embellishments to Irish poetry, set in the framework of Celtic Manuscripts etc. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the result and combined with the calming words of W.B. Yeats' poem - 'Isle of Innisfree' sort of helps to 'color or world beautiful'? anyways you can see the fruits of my labour on my Facebook here:!/photo.php?fbid=10150163096717457&set=a.10150159455382457.333740.243869787456&theater

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    Jack Dolan.

  3. Thanks for the comment Anita. I do think raising children can be one of the most beautiful works of art on the planet and instilling within them an appreciation for beauty is paramount!

  4. Great blog post,
    I'm on board!

  5. Jack - Your work takes my breath away! We lived in Europe for seven years and spent much of our time taking ancient prayers and poems and setting them to music . . . many in a Celtic style. My daughter then developed a love of Celtic art and does designs much like yours on paper and now in knitted garments. I'm blessed to have you read my blog and I'm a huge fan of your work. You definitely are coloring our world beautiful!

  6. Deb, I couldn't agree more. "Color Your World" Day?

  7. I am totally resonating with you, girl! You have given me something to think about for sure. How can we make the world more beautiful? There must be loads of ways...

  8. Sounds good to me...i'm in! I plan to create art using pictures taken around my area, that way people can take the beauty they see outside and bring it inside. The beautiful thing about drawing and paintings are you can find the beauty in a city and remove all the NOISE! Keep the inspiration coming Deby! Thanks.

  9. Deby--the piece I'm working on during my lunches is strictly pencil, so no color there, but I'm hoping that people will still enjoy the whimsy and spontaneity of it. Here's a link to one of my blogs, where I've started showing some of the evolution of it.

  10. You've got my wheels a spinnin...I'm thinking of some people in particular who could use some brightening up right now. I have an idea of an image, but it might take me a few weeks (or possibly months) to formulate. I'll keep you posted!

  11. Thanks for all the comments - I love each one!
    Keep filling the world with something beautiful and share it here.

  12. Hey Deby,
    As usual, you're right! I think it's interesting that more people are realizing the value of creativity and expressing themselves in ways that "color the world beautiful." I know it isn't an accident, as well as the turmoil around the world. And the revolution is not being "televised." But that's okay; another interesting fact is our media outlets usually catch hold of a notion 'after' it's been up and running and even then, they either over simplify it, or miss the point altogether. No, this revolution is fueled by our need for beauty and serenity. As we continue on this path, those who thought they didn't have a creative bone (or caring bone) in their body, will find, yes they do and it's okay to express it.

  13. Very well said. Art done well is truth wrapped in a package that cannot be refused!

  14. @Jack Dolan

    Jack, I'm so impressed with your work!
    Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. While living in Europe I developed a love of ancient manuscripts and even put some ancient prayers and poems to music.
    Your work inspires me!

  15. @Anonymous

    Anita, I just learned how to add a reply button to my blog. I hope it works.

    Just wanted to reaffirm that raising children is one of the best ways to color our world beautiful!

    Thanks for commenting!

  16. @Jeandre

    Thanks for being such an active member of the conversation between artists. I cheer you on in your efforts. I sense that you are a world changer.

  17. @Buzz Marketeer

    Jason I must explore the possibilities of a 'Color Your World' Day. I love it!

  18. I so resonate with this post. It doesn't mean that I am blind to peoples suffering but I want some good too. Nature does it for me and I am not the sort of person that leaves a link on my first posting. But, something that really does it for me lately is thinking "YELLOW" Yellow flowers, yellow birds and bright happy color....
    I shall put that slideshow together soon :-)