Push Your Dreams Forward!

Do you feel that you have a destiny, that you were created for a purpose? Can you see it, feel it, taste it, but still struggle to bring it to reality?

Do you sense opposition? Does it seem that for every two steps forward, you end up taking three steps back?  Are you tired and weary?

      Do you find yourself tempted to give up and give in?

For every creative force, I believe that opposition follows. Creatives give birth and giving birth is painful. It requires all of your energy reserves, all the strength you possess, all the determination you can muster, and it really helps if you have someone alongside to coach your breathing and to encourage you to push.

So I'm filling that role today and I'm encouraging you to breathe and then PUSH!!

If you are constantly pushing, you'll eventually wear out. So it's important to take time off to breathe. Breathe in life, stillness, beauty, nature. Surround yourself with inspiring music, books and films, or spend some time in nature. Watch a sunrise or sunset, get your feet wet and your hands dirty. Breathe deeply, live fully and stay in the moment.

After a bit of refreshing  . . .  it's time again to PUSH!

Create something and push it out of your hands into the marketplace! Every creative I know struggles with thoughts like:

    Is it good enough?
    Does it measure up?
    Will anyone like it?
    Will it sell?
    Am I nuts for trying to 'make it' with my art?

You won't know the answer to those questions until you put it out there. 

Are you tempted to wait until it's perfect? And even 'perfect' seems not good enough? Are you stuck in paralysis analysis?  Stop it!! You don't bless anyone when your product stays in your studio, you don't make money, you don't learn, and you certainly don't move forward. Forward motion is powerful.

Are you holding projects that should have been released long ago?

Perhaps you don't yet have a platform. What then? Share with your friends, get feedback, start building your list, and plan for an upcoming BIG push!!

If you have questions or if I can help in anyway, please let me know.

And if you want to make a commitment to push something forward and out of your hands, comment below!!

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  1. Thanks for the push... I have a venue that is willing to display some of my photography work, but I'm waiting until I THINK I have enough to show. I'll print out a few a get myself over there... -John

  2. @John LindrothGood for you, John!
    We must take action daily if we are going to make a difference. If we all do it together - we can support each other on the journey.

  3. Hey Deby, yeah, I'm PUSHing! And in between that, I'm breathing. I think God prepared me for this time with the transition from my last job. I would have these moments where I realized I needed to work hard at getting healthy, meaning diet and exercise. This morning was evidence of the hard work now "working for me." I got up, sleepy, really wanting to sleep, but driven and near auto-mode to exercise. And it surprised me: "I'm that dedicated?" So the evidence is there, now I'm building on it and I'm PUSHing forward with my creative ventures! Thanks!

  4. @Eddie Hudson Eddie, I agree. You have pushed forward and I've watched you make progress. Now, I'm expecting great things to break through for you and your art as you push ahead.

  5. Great topic Deby! I liked the birthing analogy. Just like pushing a car, the first push is always the hardest. Once you get it going the pushing gets easier. Thanks for reminding us all to keep pushing!

  6. I can so relate to this post, all the time, but ESPECIALLY at the moment. It's good to feel not so alone in those feelings too - Thank you x

  7. @MattR
    Hey Matt, I would add that the last push is also a zinger! We need each other - a little encouragement along the way is such a huge help.

  8. @Beverley Beverley, you are so welcome! I'm glad this post hit the mark and I do encourage you that the 'difficulty' you are facing is a normal part of the creative process. I encourage you to push your project forward and then celebrate your accomplishment. Please let us know when you do . . . we'll celebrate with you!

  9. Deby,
    I so relate to this post too! I definitely feel I need to PUSH more. While being a pregnant stay at home mom, I truly need to push past the urges to sleep in my free time and get motivated again to paint!!! :) Good post!

  10. Thanks Deby, It's is such a blessing to have someone out there who believes in you. I am working on seeing my work as a blessing and reading the Magic of Thinking Big when my spirit fails. I read this morning to "Let that one thought dominate your thinking. Think, really think about how you can do it (Yay! my art) and support your family." What a breath of fresh air and spirit all of this is - thanks for pushing.

  11. Thanks for the reminder that there are both "pushing" times and "breathing" times. Right now I am in a pushing time and I am getting tired. Maybe it is time for a breather : D

  12. @Mary Moore Sweet Mary, you have a lot on your plate right now, so take care of yourself and make sure that you breathe! We'll cheer you on when it's time to push. :-) You are much appreciated!

  13. @Billie Wells Billie, you are full of ideas and talent and I know you have what it takes. Just make sure that you stay consistent, persistent and focused!!

  14. @Deborah Eaton Deborah, I'm proud of you for pushing ahead! Get out in nature for your 'breather' if you can. Dig in a garden, plant a new flower or jump in the pond! You'll find new energy to push it through. I just know it!