To Everything There Is A Season

Hey Folks!

I'm sure that some of you have wondered what happened to me and my blog.

Here's my story:
In a nutshell, I lost my voice!  At a closer look, for a time I lost my way. As a singer/songwriter who loves people and loves to talk, it was devastating!

At first I couldn't sing and, before I knew it, I couldn't talk.  All at once everything I was doing and loved doing became impossible to do. I was face to face with uncertainty. This led to many questions about how to move forward and what 'forward' would look like. Now that's not good for a extroverted encourager like me. So I stopped everything. I gave myself permission to breathe, heal and relax.

But now I'm back!

I apologize for ducking out on you,
but honestly I couldn't do anything about it.
It was what it was .... a season. Thankfully,
that season is over.

My voice is better - not perfect - but better and I'm
stronger, full of ideas and eager to help.
So, if you can put up with a less than perfect voice,
I'm excited to announce my upcoming webinar!

Artists Arise: A 3-Week Transformation.
We'll be discussing:

- The big picture and breaking it down into doable, bite-sized steps
- Your dream
- How your dream ties in with your art
- How you can use your story, your dream and your art to create an income stream.

We'll also cover:

- Blogging
- Pinterest
- Facebook marketing
- Creating digital image books of your art
- Marketing

.... and much, much more!

3 weeks for only $39!
Click Here To Register for Artists Arise ~ 3 Week Transformation

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. What would you like
for me to cover? Here's your chance, so feedback is appreciated!


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